Role Reversal!!

“Well, kitten, our week of playing role-reversal is over in a few short hours. How has it felt, to be on the other side of the lead for once? For the next two minutes, you may speak freely?”

“Ha! I told you I’d make a better slave than you, Goddess Jennif…I mean, Jenni! Not only have I not refused a single order, but I already make a better girl than you! Check out my hairdo for instance…my red hair is more stylish than yours!”

“I admit, very impressive for someone who’s only had long hair for five days, my dear. But you should have seen the look on your face when I ordered the stylist to give you red hair extensions!”

“They’d better come out, for your sake! I tell ya though, I’m going to have to be a lot harder on you from now on. I know as a tomboy you hate being forced to dress up like a girly girl but you could do lots better…three days and my stocking seams are already straighter than yours have ever been!”

Hmph. But then, dress-up isn’t the only womanly thing you do better than me apparently, is it hun? Did you enjoy your first encounter’ with a gentleman last night?”

“Urgh! I still have his taste in his mouth! You’re in so much trouble come midnight when I win the bet, missy…any body modification of my choosing, wasn’t it? You’ll be modeling a pair of hooters the size of Bettie Page’s head but the time I’m finis-“

“Your two minutes of speaking freely are up! Now, kitten, remind me. What were the terms of our bet, again?”

“That your pansy sissy would follow every order You command for an entire week, dutifully and without complaint, my Goddess.”

“Hmm. Any order, you say, kitten?”

“Yyyes, Goddess Jennifer. Any order at all…”

Interesting. So if I were to order you to relinquish control to me permanently?”

“B-B-B-BUT Jen- I mean, Goddess Jennifer! You c-can’t mean…”

“Unless of course you want to renege on our bet? And hand over your inherited millions to me? After all, I’m sure a guy with your newfound talents could find a way to pay his rent…”

“N-no, Miss…!…! relinquish control…oh god…”

“That’s what I thought you’d say, bitch. Now wait there like a good girl. I’m going to slip into something a little more comfortable, while you contemplate our new life!

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