From a Rockstar to a Catwalk Model !! (FORCED FEMINIZATION CAPTION)

Jesse started growing his hair out after high school. He’d always liked the “rocker” look.Rockers got the girls but his father had been a stickler for personal grooming. Unfortunately, as a freshman in college, having shaggy hair made Jesse anything but unique. Long hair was in, and not just for rockers. There were dudes with man bun’s, dreads, surfer hair, and the whole gamut. Also, because he was a short, thin dude, he’d been mistaken for a chick from the back (and even a couple times from the front) more than he cared to admit.So, with a heavy heart, he’d taken a trip to the local salon to get it hacked off, but the stylist there wasn’t having it.The problem definitely isn’t your hair. It’s such pretty color and so full! The problem is you’re not taking care of it. Let me work my magic on you, free of charge.” Her name was Megan and she was gorgeous, so of course Jesse agreed. When she was done, Jesse had to admit that she’d made his hair look a whole lot better, although the style was more feminine then he’d wanted. “Damn,” he’d said, admiring his reflection in the salon’s mirror. “I look like the model on one of those boxes of hair dye.” “Like I said, your hair is gorgeous. In fact, I’m going to take a picture and put it on Instagram.

Gimme a big smile, Jess!” Megan’s post went viral. People loved the style and they loved Jesse’s look.The only problem? Almost everybody thought he was a girl! Pretty soon he was being contacted by modeling agencies interested in signing this “fresh new face.” When he explained to that he was a guy, they were even more delighted. “Honey these days androgynous models are all the rage!” Of course, he still refused… Until they mentioned how much he’d be paid.He’d be able to pay off college in two years! So Jesse signed the contract. It felt incredibly strange to strut down the catwalk in women’s clothing, but he got used to it. Things went well until, suddenly, androgyny went out the window. The people wanted models with at least some curves, and Jesse-now going by the professional name “Jessi”-had nothing like that.Luckily, his agency had connections. Soon, Jessi was being administered a shot of estradiol every evening and was scheduled for enhancement surgery.Did he want T&A? Hell no, but if he quit he had to pay a huge penalty for cancelling his contract with the agency Now, Jessi structs down the catwalk, his soft locks tickling his bare shoulders, always reminding him how he’d gotten into this mess in the first place.

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