Derek was going to his friends Halloween party with his sister Danielle on Halloween. He had ordered his Halloween costume from America and it said it would have arrived at their house before the party but it never arrived. So Derek was upset about not being able to get his costume on time but his sister came up with the idea of her lending one of her costume’s to him this year. She gave him a rock and roll outfit for him and he argued that it’s for a girl and she told him to let her do her magic. As soon as he came home from school that day, his sister had gotten everything ready for him. He got completely undressed and shaved off all his body hair until he had completely smooth skin. His manhood was then taped between his legs and a pair of pink panties were pulled up his legs to cover his manhood. Fake breasts were then glued to his chest and a pink bra was clipped over the fake breasts to cover them.

Danielle also used some blush to
colour in the edges of the fake breasts to make them look like they blend in. A pink tartan skirt was pulled up his legs to cover the panties and a black leather belt was connected around his waist to add a little bit more colour. Pink sparkly high heel boots were put onto his feet as well. His arms were put through the sleeves of a pink leather jacket with fur and silver. A ring was put onto one of his fingers and a necklace was put around his neck. Pink lipstick was applied to his lips, fake large eyeliner was glued just above his eyes and pink blush was applied to his cheeks. Finally, a blond wig was glued onto his head to finish the look. After taking a good look in the mirror, Danielle quickly put on some clothes for a costume and they left for the party. While they were at the party One of Derek’s friends started to hit onto the feminized Derek.

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