Jake still couldn’t figure out exactly how it had gotten to this point. Of he knew…when Lyn had asked him over, it had been a thrill. Jake knew she cheered for the Tisdale Middle School Giants and making out with a cheerleader on the rival team would really stick it to them. But that’s not how it went, no not at all. Lyn wasn’t the only one at the house, and the seven or so girls had been enough to take Jake down and start one of the longest days of his life. They found all sorts of absurd ways to feminize and humiliate him – – not least of all was teaching him some Tisdale cheers. The threat was clear if.. he didn’t throw their game against the Giants, the photos would go public. Jake rode his bicycle home still shaking… But they wouldn’t give up. Jake would get periodic emails with tasks if he wanted the pics to stay hidden. Wearing panties all day, or wearing a Giants bracelet (which he tried to hide under his shirtsleeve). Now here he was snapping a quick photo of him in his sister’s cheer uniform to send to his captors. When was this going to end?

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