“I have got to be the worst best friend in the history of bad best friends.” thought Norman “Riley and I have been besties since we were kids. She was the perfect beautiful swan and I was the fat ugly duckling. Somehow Riley came across a set of what she called Reversal Rings. When 2 people wore the rings, they would swap bodies. To swap back the rings had to be taken off and put back on again. Riley wanted to try them out with me. We put the rings on our fingers and instantly we swapped bodies. It was an amazing feeling to be in Riley’s beautiful body. We agreed to stay swapped for the weekend. When Sunday night came, I couldn’t bear the thought of swapping back to my fat ugly body so I packed a bag, went to an ATM and withdrew money from Riley’s account and left town. It’s been a few weeks since the swap. She’s had no choice but to live my life. I’ve thrown away the ring on this body’s finger, so her body is mine for the rest of our lives.”


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