Kelly smiled slyly as she looked up from the book to her captive, Mike. His eyes were wide with fear as he stood before her, rooted to the spot by the magic she had just cast on him. The panic on his face reminded her of herself… back when he’d used this very book to turn her into what she was today. Once she had been Keith, and her and Mike had been good friends, but now… now it was time for revenge. Clothes were the first thing to change. With one quick spell, his suit was replaced with the kind of skimpy dress he’d delighted in making her wear. She made him twirl and pose and couldn’t resist making him lift up the skirt to give her a flash of the panties he was wearing underneath. Now to change him physically, although Kelly was in no rush. In fact, she made sure to savor the moment, meticulously transforming him piece by piece so she could watch each individual change sink in.

She started with long, bleach-blonde hair, then stood up to play with it, holding it up to his eyes and twisting it in her fingers. She paced around him as she made subsequent changes, stroking his arms as they became smooth and grabbing hold of the breasts that formed on his chest. When all was done she applied the lip gloss herself, slowly coating his lips as she stared triumphantly into his eyes. Kelly commanded him to go into the other room, where he was to stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at every aspect of his new appearance. As he left, she took note of how clumsily he moved now, especially in the heels. Still, there’d be plenty of time to change that. Now… with ‘Michelle’ getting used to her new appearance, Kelly had all the time in the world to acquaint herself with the next section of the book – mind alteration!


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