“Oh, don’t you look like such an innocent little damsel,” Ian teased me. “So helpless and desperate for a real man to come and save you. Too bad the only real man here is the one who tied you up.” I was absolutely furious. That bastard had gone completely mad! I always figured he was a little unhinged, but this is a whole different level of insane! He actually kidnapped me and forced me into this humiliating position. Made up like some girl and tied up.”I am so sorry about making you drop your contact lenses,” he said as he pulled out a glasses case from his pocket. “I never even realised that you wore contacts. It’s like you tried to keep it a secret. But don’t worry.I got a perfect pair of glasses for you right here. I never should have hired this kid. He’s absolutely dangerous. It’s not like he showed any obvious signs of being a sadistic kidnapper, but I should have been more observant. Normal people don’t kidnap their bosses only to tie them up in their bedrooms. I should have seen some sign somewhere that Ian isn’t normal.

“Look at the glasses! Oh, they’re so ridiculously feminine, right?” he said laughing. “They could only be more girly if they were pink.He put the pair of glasses on my face with a surprisingly gentle touch. For as unhinged as he clearly must be, he didn’t seem to be loosing control. I don’t know what I expected, like some violent twitching or something. But no, he was just standing there, looking surprisingly dapper wearing an expensive suit. Why was he wearing a suit, by the way? He never dressed up nice when he was working for me.”Oh, I guess you can see me better now, huh?” he laughed. “Do you like my suit? I think it looks quite good on me. I actually do care about my appearance, even though I made you think otherwise. I work out a lot, too.But I bet you could tell when I held you. You must’ve felt something stirring inside of you from being held by such a strong man.” I never spent much time looking at him. I certainly never looked at him this close. I mean, he did wear hoodies a lot, so that explains why I never really got a good look at his face. But now that I do see him… I think I might recognise him. Not just from having worked for me, but I think I know him from earlier than that.”Oh, you’re finally recognising me, sweetie?” he laughed. “Yeah, we went to school together. In fact, you were quite the bully, weren’t you? Not just to me, but to everyone.

Like my sister. You treated my sister real bad, didn’t you? You took her to prom, only to publicly humiliate her in front of all your friends. Oh, you thought she was such a geek, and you had no problems letting everyone know that when you took her glasses and broke them in half right in front of her. You pushed her over and let her crawl around in the mud, destroying the dress she thought was so pretty. Yeah, babe, I know you’ve grown older, but never forgave you for that.Shit… I remember that night.”Oh, my sister was never the same after that…” Ian said. “But let me explain what is going to happen now. You, my dear girl, is going to get famous. See that camera? You are right now live on one of the biggest fetish-sites out there. And they especially like it when you humiliate defenceless little girls for everyone to see. Of course, most of their models do volunteer for that kinky bit of fun… but not you, sweetie. I make the decisions for you, from now on.Do you like your glasses, by the way?”

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