I had been planning my revenge on my little brother Kevin for months now. He had seriously ruined my social life when he ratted me out to our mom that I was making out to a college boy when she was at work. When my mom was told I was grounded for a month and any hopes I had to be with him were gone. During that horrible month, I learned the art of hypnosis and figured out the perfect course of action to exact my revenge. I offered Kevin $100 if he let me try to hypnotize him and he agreed thinking it was a big scam. Bad call by him. I went to work on turning him into a little vixen right away. Full body wax first, then makeup followed by an old wig of mine I glued to his head. Bra, panties, pantyhose, 3-inch-high heels and my old white prom dress completed the look. I ordered him to stand outside the house and wait for our mother. When she opened the door, it would trigger the end of the hypnosis. Kevin would have a lot of explaining to do and I would have my revenge.

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