.Steven was worried about how things were going to be on his first day back at the job after his transgender surgery to finally become the girl of his dreams. His transformation had been a big success and now as Stephanie, he was ready to return to work. His job was as a manager at a steel mill and it was the only industry he really knew well. He knew how hard it was to be a boss, especially in a testosterone filled environment. Stephanie knew she needed to command respect and was concerned that now as the only woman on the site she might not be taken seriously by her workers. In the event, she had nothing to worry about. For her first day back at work Stephanie wondered what to wear. As Steven, she usually dressed casually because it was more practical on the site, but now as a woman, she thought perhaps it would be better to dress smartly. In the end, she decided to go with what felt best and chose to wear a sexy red dress with black pantyhose and heeled shoes. She decided on a clear strapped bra and she was also wearing a pair of black satin panties, but that was going to be her little secret. As she arrived at the mill she wondered how she was going to gain the confidence to assert herself. However, as soon she began inspecting the site she found she only had to ask and there were at least five workers jumping to do her bidding. As she watched three men arguing with each other over who was going to bring the forklift she knew that becoming a woman was the best decision she had ever made.

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