Reliving the Old Times !!

“What do you mean another week?” I asked my sister on the stupidly archaic phone. Hasn’t her company heard of iPhones? “This was only supposed to be for a couple of days!” We’re twins, and though not identical, we look alike to most people I am a man, but I will admit that I look girlier than she looks mannish. A few times growing up my sister got to dress me up in her clothes. It was her idea of “playing,” and as long as we kept it a secret put up with it. Though, obviously I only agreed to shut her up. Sisters can be so nagging, you know? Anyway, I thought that my sister would stop this nonsense as we grew older, and to a certain extent, she has. But every now and then she insists on “reliving the old times.” “oh, but wasn’t it fun the way we’d play together?” she’ll plead hoping that I’ll crack. At times she will only call me her sister, and never brother. It’d be enough for some siblings to stop speaking to each other, I can imagine, but my sister’s not that bad, really. I’d rather bear through a little humiliation rather than loose a family member.

“Look, know that no-one suspects a thing,” I said. “But you cannot expect me to do your job whenever you don’t feel like it. I have my own life, s But seeing as how alike we look I have begun doing the occasional favour for my sister. She happily pays me, but it is about being a good brother. When she’s sick, but not sick enough to get out of work, I show up in her place. I am a university student, but I can do my studying at night. It’s good, but keep thinking that maybe my sister is taking advantage of my eagerness to be there for her. I mean, this time she’s taking time to go on a vacation. It’s one thing to dress-up occasionally, but she’s making me live as a woman 24-7! But… very well. Sisters gotta look after each other, don’t they?


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2 thoughts on “Reliving the Old Times !!

  1. Personally i always felt like a girl. Like I’ve never once inn my life ever felt like a guy. I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve lost because i transitioned. Would be nice tasty. Its like I’m starting to understand why people like myself being ts, goo into adult businesses

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