Released into the Wild – Forced Feminization Male to Female !!

There are a million perversions in the world, and if you’re rich enough there’s always a way to satisty your urges.Take the Tranny Hunts.These occur once a year on a small private island off the coast of South Carolina, and are financed by a small group of extremely wealthy men who share two passions. The first is of young men who have been feminised, the second is of hunting. Every July a handful of slim, effeminate young men and kidnapped and taken to Shadow Island where, after two weeks of feminisation and conditioning, they are released into the wild. They’re given two hours head start, and then the hunters come for them.The rules are simple. If you stay free for twenty four hours you’ll be returned to your old life with a bonus of one million dollars but if you’re caught you become the property of the hunter that caught you,becoming their personal slave until the following July when you’ll finally be released with a bonus of just $50,000.

Two weeks ago 24 year old William here was abducted by a group of masked men as he jogged in the park. For two weeks he was prodded and primped and made to not only look like a woman, but think and act like one. Given the name Amber he had the rules of the hunt explained to him and was let loose.For almost twenty hours he remained free, and had begun to believe he might make it, that he might escape the fate of being a rich man’s sexual plaything. And then he heard a dog heading his way. In a panic he ran, straight into the trap laid by one of the hunters.Now Amber is being dragged back to Hunt HQ by her captor 57 year old Texan billionaire Rusty Morgan.Don’t worry sweetheart,” he drawls, “I’ve got a lovely little room wailing for you back at my ranch, you’re going to have the best of everything. the prettiest clothes, the fanciest jewels and the loveliest perfumes, and you and me are going to be very,very good friends for the next year, Amber.”

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