I tried starting my own business before, as a man. I’d spent hours researching, doing the calculations, testing the new products. I was sure I had everything I needed to succeed. What I hadn’t counted on was the difficulty getting by-products into shops to be sold. All the managers kept saying “we like it, but there’s just no space on the shelves currently” That’s when I had my idea. 3 weeks later I returned to those same managers, a changed man. Or rather a changed woman. Killer curves, black long hair, all with the mind of a business genius… They were putty in my fingers as I demonstrated my new line of product, being sure to jiggle by chest and stick out my rear. Most gave in right then and there, and my line was in half the stores in America.

The other half was a bit more difficult, but a lot
more fun… You see I realize I was spending my time in the wrong areas. I shouldn’t have been focused on what I was selling, I should focus on selling myself. Well, I tell you, these tits really do a lot of the selling for me these days, and my pretend dumb blonde persona helps a lot too. As for the really tricky managers? Well, there’s very little that can’t be solved by a quickie under a desk now, is there? Right, back to these numbers. Boring, but apparently important. I wonder if I wore that tiny red dress to dinner tonight I could convince that hot young accountant to do them for me.

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