Reborn as a Woman !!

As soon as I got home from work he took my frail little hand, undressed me and led me to the living room near the fireplace. There lied a whole pile of my clothes… my former clothes… like a bonfire. When I was away he had gathered up everything old that I used to wear and just thrown it directly on the ground. In the middle of winter, probably ruining some of the finer fabrics beyond saving. But I knew that he didn’t care. He wanted to burn it all. And I felt myself shiver as I wondered if this had gone too far.He looked towards me with expecting eyes. He handed me a lighter and proudly told me that I was ‘ready. This would be that final gesture to cut ties with my old self. To make myself reborn in the fire. I wouldn’t have a single item of male clothing left. All that I have to wear would be pink and glittery. Like my new personality… pink and glittery.If I still felt like my old self, I could have said no. I would have demanded him to save as many of my clothes as possible. I would have demanded him to wash and iron each shirt, and I’d tell him that he’d better be sorry if anything expensive got torn. That is how I used to behave at work and that is why I could afford such a big house with such a big yard. But it doesn’t matter. He may not be as successful as I once was. He’s still more of a man than I ever was, and it is obvious. I can feel it by being around him like he emanates an aura of manhood. One that I always tried to fake. Is this how low I have fallen? I used to wear these suits and ties and I used to look good in them. Sure, maybe I was a little short and maybe I was too skinny, but the suits made me look good! They were all made by the best tailor in the city, and they all cost a fortune. I took pride in my male appearance.But I see now that a real man does not need clothes to be proud.

My new ‘boyfriend’ dresses like some kinda low-class slob, and yet he’s more confident in his masculinity than I ever thought would be possible. Maybe I could teach him to dress better… Ugh, that’s a very girlfriend-like thought to have, right? Look at how far you’ve gotten,” my boyfriend beamed. “You’d look pathetic wearing one of those things now. Like a teenaged girl trying to look like James Bond. You’ve even got your beautiful blonde hair in a high ponytail now. Like a cheerleader! Hah, imagine James Bond as a cheerleader. That’d never work.” I knew that when I opened my door to him when I let him in to stay with me, that I would lose control over my fetish. But I thought that I could maybe resist the urge. But he found that sissy within me and decided that he wanted me. He refused to let go. Through months of him reinforcing my feminine needs, and refusing to acknowledge my manhood I just started changing. I started accepting it. I even brought my true sissy self to work, and so I lost all the respect I once got from my co-workers. Sure, they didn’t fire me, they know they can’t, but I really can’t see myself getting promoted anytime soon.There’ll be no great future career for me. Not when all I have to wear is pink miniskirts .l felt a tear fall down my cheek.”You know that this is what you are meant to do,” my boyfriend said. “You need to say goodbye to that life. And I am here waiting for you. You no longer need to pretend, not with me. I will accept you for the girl that you were meant to be.” I threw the lit lighter on the pile of clothes. The flames started with a giant roar, and I wasn’t ready for the sheer power of the warmth on my face. My boyfriend must have doused the pile in gasoline or something because it burnt like hellfire. There would be nothing left. But then I felt his strong arms around me. He’s so tall that my head barely reaches his chest when he hugs me and kisses me. I like that. I like not having to be a man anymore.

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