Dan lived with his parents in a quiet neighborhood at the end of the street but next door, he had a crush on a hot girl called Carly living by herself which she was three years older than Dan and she was throwing a party later that night which he thought he could go but his parents would not let him due to it being a school night. So he thought he could sneak out after his parents fall asleep that night and slip out to go to the party. Once after slipping out of the house through his bedroom window, he noticed that her bedroom window was open and he climbed through the window to come to see Carly getting ready for the party. She quickly turned towards him and questioned him what he was doing. She gave him a choice of she tells his parents or she can do whatever she wanted to him. He picked the second option and she dragged him to the bathroom and told him to get undressed and shave off all his body hair.

He knew that she would tell his parents if he did not do what he was told so he did. After shaving off all his body hair, Carly came in with a dress, high heels, bra, and panties. She opened up a cupboard and took out fake breasts and glue and glued the fake breasts to his chest. She put a pair of blue panties on him and tried to get the bra on him but the bra did not fit. She pulled a tight blue dress over him and glued long fake nails over his own nails. She got him into the pair of high heels. She then did his make-up and styled it to make him look hot and sexy and added long blonde hair extensions to his own hair and gave his hair a hot looking style. She told him to go by the name Carla and took a picture of him standing as Carla in one of the bathrooms corners. During the party, many good looking guys tried hitting on him and he enjoyed the party, dancing and drinking the night away.

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