Oh yes! She’ll take it! Such a pretty dress! Perfect for her junior prom!’ ‘Thanks Mrs. Clark and I must admit I was skeptical at first when IIIII heard what you wanted me to make for your husband! But he did make your daughter cry when he saw her in the dress I’II made for her! She cried for a day! Yes, he had to be taught a lesson! Yes, my friend Harriet from the salon next door did wonders with him. Why your 28–year–old husband looks just darling as an 18-year-old girl! By the way, does your husband, or ‘Becky’ as he is now dressed, need a date? I have a nephew about ‘her’ age! Yes? Nice! Brent will be so happy to have a date! He is awfully shy around girls and has a lot of pimples! Glad Becky will be his date! Shall I escort them at the prom? I heard you were away that night? Okay, I’ll do it. Becky will be looking soo cute for her date! I’ll take lots of pictures for you!’

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