“Jina, why are you just standing there? Come along; we’re already late for the gala.” Mrs. Kym hurriedly called to her sullen-looking daughter. Jina picked up her clutch but was lost in thought over the rejection of her romantic overture to her fashion model friend. Lindsey had told her over the phone that she just thought of her as a friend and that she just wasn’t into other girls anyway. Jina wondered what could have been if she was just raised as the boy she was born as. Sure, she may be the next maven of her family’s fashion empire, but it was meaningless if she didn’t find anyone with which to share her life.

“You’re not still thinking about that girl, are you? A beautiful woman like yourself needs a strong, handsome man. It was going to be a surprise, but I arranged for some models for our menswear line to be at the gala tonight. Maybe you’ll find someone you’ll like!” Mrs. Kym winked at her naughtily.

“Umma! You know I don’t have any interest in men. Can’t I finally have a girlfriend? Why couldn’t you just let me a boy like nature intended?” Jina furrowed her brow and placed a hand on her hip, waiting for her mother to answer.

“Honey, I’ve told you this a thousand times. You were just too pretty as a baby to be a boy. Also, a young lady like yourself is perfect as my protégé. The only reason you’re having these thoughts is because of that tiny ‘thingy’ in your panties. We’ll take care of that soon, baby.”

“What do you mean,” Jina asked timidly? A look of apprehension spread across her face. Mrs. Kym gleefully beamed,

“I’ve already found the perfect doctor for you back in Korea. You’ll be in good hands for your surgery, darling. Just think of all the outfits you will be able to wear without worrying about that little annoyance!”


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