Raising a Baby !!

This may surprise you, but pictured to the left are me (on the right) and my best friend Jake (on the left). You might not be able to tell it by looking at us, but we are, or at least were, both twenty-year-old men. I suppose I should start at the beginning. You see, Jake was what one might refer to as something of a womanizer. He definitely subscribed to the “love em and leave em” philosophy when it came to women. This was all well and good until he had a one night stand with a woman named Carol. You see, what we didn’t know about Carol was that she was both kind of clingy and a witch. That turned out to be a rather bad combination since she did not take to Jake’s avoiding in after sex particularly well.

The last time she visited our apartment, she told Jake he had a lot of growing up to do, and turned him into a baby. Foolishly, I intervened on Jake’s behalf. I told Carol that she couldn’t leave Jake like this, as he was clearly in no condition to care for himself as a baby. She conceded that I had a point, and turned me into his mother! Apparently, witches have good and long life spans, and she assured me that if I can raise Jake to be a gentleman this time around, she’ll consider changing us back. Of course, she did point out that I would probably need to find a good man to serve as a role model for him. This is sure going to be interesting…

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