Mark woke up with a start. It took him a moment to figure out that he was sitting on the floor in the corner of a basement. As his mind cleared he saw three girls Clara, Mindy, and Betsy sitting on a couch beaming at him.
“Rise and shine Mark!” Clara called to him.
Mark blinked his eyes and then with a jolt he realized that he was wearing nothing except a black lace bra and very thin thong panties. His whole body felt strange until he noticed he was shaved smooth from head to toe. His head was covered with a large black wig and he could feel makeup on his face. Mark panicked at the thought of being completely feminized and wearing such sexy lingerie in front of these three fully-clothed girls. How on earth did he get here?
“What’s going on?” he demanded desperately looking around for his clothes. He tugged at the wig but it wouldn’t come off. That was when he noticed the large tv in the corner that was showing a home-made video shot right here in the same basement.
“We thought you might like to watch your show,” giggled Betsy. On the screen Mark saw himself dancing in front of the girls dressed as he was in the wig and lingerie. With the makeup on, he really did look very feminine. He cringed as he saw the sexy moves he was making, gyrating like a professional erotic dancer, but in a way that only the ladies would move. With each swing of his hips, the watching girls cheered him on, driving him to perform every more outrageous dance moves. He tried hard to remember what had happened but it wouldn’t come together. He could see the trance-like look in his eyes as he danced and then he remembered. Mindy was a hypnotist and she must have got him under her power. Mark jumped to his feet and nearly fell over in his high heels.

“Give me my clothes back,” he demanded although standing there in a bra and panties he felt more ridiculous than assertive.
“Oh come, on, wouldn’t you like to see the rest of you show? You really are very good,” Clara said.
“No, just give me my clothes,” Mark barked feeling his face flush as Betsy and Mindy shamelessly looked his feminized body up and down.
“Okay,” Clara said, “they are upstairs in the hallway.”
Mark didn’t wait. He stalked over to the stairs leading up out of the basement with his heels clicking loudly on the floor. As he got to the stairs Mindy spoke up.
“You can go now if you want to Mark,” she said. “Unless of course you want to dance some more for us.”
“No! I don’t.”
“Pity, you do look so sexy in those panties,” Mindy said.
There was something about the word ‘panties’ that struck a deep chord in Mark. She was right, he did look sexy and he felt very sexy too. It wouldn’t hurt to dance a little more for the girls. After all, what could be more fun than dancing for girls while wearing sexy lingerie? In fact, that was the thing he liked to do most in all the world, he was sure of it. Mark found himself heading back into the basement. Clara put some music on and he began to sway to the beat. With each step he became more involved in the dance, swinging his hips and shaking his chest at the delighted girls.
“Ooh, sexy sissy, let’s see you crawl baby,” Betsy said.
Mark immediately dropped onto all fours and began crawling cat-like across the floor. His new position offered the girls a perfect view of his freshly shaved butt and he wiggled it at them to even more applause.
“My goodness,” Mark thought to himself as the girls cheered him on. “I’m still hypnotized…”


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