“Excuse me, Mary. Can I talk to you for a moment?”, Brandon asked his wife,

“Don’t you think it’s time to give me back my own body? I think I’ve suffered enough.”

“Oh my dear husband”, Mary replied in a condescending tone, “You’ll get your body back when I decide that you’ve suffered enough. And this isn’t going to be the case in a long time.”

“But you can’t expect me to go through this”, he said, “Here I am, in my own house, at my own party, in the body of my secretary. Nobody is taking me seriously, and all the guests think that I’m only here to bring them new drinks. It’s humiliating.”

“You find this humiliating?”, Mary asked angrily, “No, it’s humiliating to find out that my husband is screwing around my back with his bitch of a secretary. You even slept with her in our marital bed. Be thankful that I’ve decided to just swap your bodies for a little while. I could’ve done something far worse to you and your hussy. Speaking of her, I think she’s doing a good job impersonating you. A bit clumsy and awkward, but not bad.”

Brandon didn’t know what to do. He knew that it was bad to start an affair with his secretary. It was worse that his wife caught them in the act, but the worst was that he found out that Mary was a witch and that she was capable of swapping the minds of two people. And after she had switched them, she said that she was going to keep them that way until they’ve both learned their lesson. But she didn’t tell them what lesson this would be. Brandon had no other choice but to resign himself to his fate. He knew that if he kept begging Mary to switch them back, she would simply extend her punishment. So Brandon had to keep up appearances and play the part of his own secretary, earning very little and living in a small apartment. As part of his final punishment, Mary is going to make him date different guys to make him experience lovemaking as a woman.


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