Punishment for Cheating !!

The perfect Halloween outfit to buy for your cheating husband or boyfriend. He’ll think it’s a top quality spaceman outfit but the reality is quite different. The spandex suit is impregnated with DNA altering nanobots, and within a few minutes of him putting the suit on they’ll get to work rewriting his DNA, moulding his body into a more slender, more feminine form. The suit itself will then shrink to show off his curves.He won’t notice this is happening, because the tank strapped to his back will be pumping hypnotic gas into his helmet, there’ll also be subliminal messages playing in his helmet as well.

He’ll go out thinking he’s Buck Rogers, space stud, but within a few hours he’ll think he’s Wilma Deering, space siren, willing to please any man you point him towards.Of course the process will reverse itself once he takes the suit off, but not until he wakes up next to some guy the next morning with a hangover and the memory of what he got up to the night before as a space girl.


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