Punishing a Boyfriend by Turning him into a Girl !!

Jack had been a shit boyfriend, really. He never supported anything that Carla was interested in. When she was into crystal healing, he mocked her for being a hippie. When she wanted to go to beauty school, he told her she was shallow. When she was studying hypnotism, he told her it was bullshit. That one was definitely a mistake .Angry and jaded, Carla decided on the spur of the moment to hypnotise her boyfriend. She had been taught by a local con man, who she knew only as Tomas, and he was there for the whole thing. Carla was only planning to lightly embarrass her boyfriend and make him laugh uncontrollable in school or fall asleep and snore in class. Tomas, on the other hand, suggested something much more embarrassing. In short, he suggested that they temporarily take Jack’s masculinity away. He argued that there was nothing more embarrassing for a man It started slowly. They had Jack wear some of Carla’s underwear and took photos of him. Then it was a skirt. Then a dress. Soon they got carried away they sent him to school in Carla’s uniform, a skirt and a blouse, while he fully aware of what he was doing but powerless to stop it.

This is it. Carla thought. One last humiliation and I’ll release him. He can laugh it off as a joke. Little did she know, Tomas’ hypnosis overpowered her own. As she tried to bring Jack back around, he explained, in a slow, robotic voice that he answered to Tomas .The next day Jack went to school in Carla’s uniform again, explaining to everyone that he had always wished to be a girl. He was not Jack, but Jane.Carla was helpless as her boyfriend, under Tomas’ hypnosis, became a girl. Under the hypnosis Jane would no longer talk to Carla, but it was obvious that she had started a hormone regimen. What started out as proving a point had led to a conman turning her boyfriend into a truly beautiful girl. It wasn’t for months that Carla found a way to free Jane from the hypnosis. The moment she managed, she saw her boyfriend come back. Amazed, he flexed his fingers, able to control his own body for the first time in months .Then he looked down at the pretty pink dress he had chosen to wear that morning, filled out by his perky breasts. He shuffled his feet in his cute pink heels, and felt the burn of humiliation at standing in front of his girlfriend feminised. Bits of his memory were blank, but he knew that in everybody’s eyes he was a woman now.

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