This beautiful young woman is my daughter, Brenda. She’s a senior in high school, a member of the cheerleading squad, the beautiful girlfriend of Eric, a college freshman who’s also the son of our next door neighbors, Eric and Meghan, and an honor student. She really enjoys going shopping with her two sisters, Brianna and Mary, and my wife, Michele, as well as her three best friends, Karen, Johanna, and Lexi. She’s living the life every eighteen-year-old girl dreams of. It’s been worth all the trials and tribulations we have been through. How’s that? Six years ago, Brenda was our youngest son Brendan. It was after he finished the sixth grade that he made a life-changing decision. In front of me, my wife, his sisters and three brothers, Phil, Adam, and Brian, he told us: “I hate being a boy. I feel that I really should be a girl. Michele asked him: “Why didn’t you tell us this before?” He replied: “I wouldn’t think you would accept me.” We all said we would accept him, even if he became a girl.

With a name change from Brendan James to Brenda June, she began a new life as a girl. After she finished the eighth grade, Michele took Brenda to San Francisco for her sex-change operation. Eric had moved into the house next door when Brenda entered the ninth grade; he had never had a girlfriend before he met her. Before long, they were dating each other. Not even the fact Brenda was born a boy could stop him from falling in love with her. Last year, Brenda was Eric’s date to the Prom. She has been accepted at the same college Eric attends; she plans to join him there next fall. She has even dreamed of one day taking Eric as her husband. She has also become a model and sales girl at her Aunt Maura’s bridal shop. We’re so proud of our beautiful young daughter.

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