Ok Roy, the party is due to start in 30 minutes. Now remember, your name is Roxy, you are 19, and you visiting your Cousin. The prom is your punishment for being mean to your sister and ruining her prom dress did not help. So now we are out 3 prom dresses. Your date is the football captain. I made sure your lingerie was overly sexy, that is why you have on a garter belt, and stockings. Your heels are low and the temporary injections into your chest will give you small breasts for the weekend. Now, you don’t need to worry about him finding your little secret, your sister assured me he is bi-sexual, but he does not know about you. Well not yet anyway. That all depends on you sweetie. Now, remember, soft voice, look up into his eyes when he dances with you and you have all weekend to be a girl, so, you might as well think of him as your boyfriend. I am sure he will want to be with you after the weekend as well..

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