Sitting on the couch in his gorgeous prom dress, Craig had never felt more alive. He shuffled his legs nervously as he waited for his girlfriend to arrive, enjoying the feel of the material against his freshly shaved legs. His girlfriend Jo had always been a bit of a tomboy, which made prom her idea of hell. She hated anything feminine and had a loathing for skirts and dresses – something Craig couldn’t understand having secretly cross-dressed since he was small! With Jo refusing to buy or even rent a dress for the occasion, it had looked at one stage as if the two of them might not go to the prom at all. But then one fateful night Craig had blurted out his secret, giving them both the chance to get what they really wanted. Jo would be showing up any minute now in her suit, and if anyone asked them why they had swapped roles they’d just say that Craig had lost a bet. After all, everyone knew that Jo hated dresses… but that didn’t mean they had to know how much Craig loved them!

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