“I’m sooo excited that tonight is finally here!”

‘Yeah! This is going to be great! We are going to have so much fun! I’m glad you’ve had a change of attitude tiffany.”

‘Wrong! I’m not excited because of prom. I’m excited because, after tonight, I can finally get rid of all this stupid girly stuff my body can go back to normal, and I cut off this stupid hair! The bet will be over.”

“Oh come on. Stop being a sore loser still! You look so pretty, and we set you up with Max Bowden! You are so lucky.”

“Lucky*? These last 2 months have been horrible! Everyone at school treats me like miss popular, those stupid pills made me grow “these things, and my voice sounds like every generic valley girl on tv!”

‘Well, the right prom preparation was needed!

Hey mom, can you take another picture of all 3 of us?”

“Sure, Alyssa! But tiffany, can I please just get one of you by yourself actually smiling!?*”

“Fine! Well, I do have something to be happy about…the doctor’s appointment in a few days! I’ll be so happy when these are removed…”

“Oh, one small thing tiffany…those pills are actually changing you permanently. The appointment is to remove something. But it’s not your breasts…”


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