The four girls sat around the table breathing in the delicious smells coming from the kitchen.

“It smells amazing Angie, what are we having?” asked Judy.

“Too true, you must be an amazing cook,” added Mel. Angie just smiled at her three friends knowingly. She had invited them all around for dinner and was enjoying the compliments.
“It’s not my cooking, it’s my private chef’s,” she explained.
“You have a private chef?” Judy said, surprised.
“Well, I have Paul,” Angie said with a mischievous smile.
“Paul knows how to cook?” asked Mel incredulously.
“Paul know all kinds of things now since I started practicing my hypnosis on him,” Angie told them. “Just wait and see.”

A few moments later the door to the room opened and in walked Paul dressed as the sexiest chef the girls had ever seen. He was wearing a halter-neck top, a skirt so short none of the girls would have dared to wear and white fishnet stockings on top of it. On his head was a big chef’s hat. The three visitors gasped in surprise.
“What on earth?” Mel managed to say.
“I started hypnotizing him to help around the home and one thing led to another. I trained him to read every cook book and learn them thoroughly. Then I thought I would have some fun with him and trained him to be a girl too so that he would clean up after himself. The next thing I knew he was wearing my panties too. I bought him this outfit and now I can’t keep him out of the kitchen!
“The girls applauded her ingenuity. “Doesn’t he mind?” Judy wanted to know as she eyed Paul’s body as he served them some entree.
“Not anymore, do you Paul?” Angie said. “You like being a chef”

“Oooh yes,” squealed Paul in a girlie voice,” I love it!”
“When I wake him up he doesn’t remember a thing,” Angie whispered to the girls.
As Paul headed back to the kitchen the girls took a good look at his smooth round bottom that was fully exposed in the short skirt and thong panties he was wearing.

“As you can see, he has delicious buns,” Angie said and the girls roared their approval…


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