Pretending to be Another Man’s Wife !!

“What do you mean, ‘it’s over?” I asked. “What does that mean? We live together, bro!” “No, Ryan. You live with me, in my house,” Tom said. “All you do is lounge around playing video games and swimming in the pool. Do you know how much it costs me to have you here?” “So what?” I asked. “Your family is rich, right? You said that as long as you are able to convince them you’ve got a wife, they will give you as much money as you want. I am happy to pretend to be a woman if it means I get to live here. I mean, I can just remove the tits, eventually, but this is a sweet life, bro.” “Yeah, that’s the thing. My family is rich because they work hard.It is a family business,” Tom said. “And to keep a family business going, you need a big family. My father wants grandchildren, he says that it is not enough that I have a wife if I am not going to make her a mother. You are going to have to be a mother.” “Bro, that’s stupid!” said. “l am just pretending to be your wife,don’t make this weird.” “Yeah, about that,” Tom said.

“You actually aren’t just pretending.We are legally married, so whether you like it or not, you are my wife and you should act like it.” “Wait, what? No?” I said confused. “I did not agree to that.” I know you can’t get pregnant, but we can fake it with a silicon prosthetic. Ideally one that you will wear 24-7. Then we’ll just adopt an infant and say you gave birth to it,” Tom said. “You will be a mother, and I expect you to do everything associated with that, including breastfeeding, if possible.” “Bro!” I yelled. “This is so not cool.” “Stop calling me ‘bro.’ We’re adults, now,” Tom said. “If you like it we can get divorced, but with the prenup you signed you wont get any of my money. You are my wife, and it is time you start acting like it. Tonight you are going to sleep with me, in my bed and I will fuck you. You have been a tease for so long, it is about time you actually felt your husband’s manhood inside of you.” Now let me feel your sexy blonde hair and give your husband a kiss.

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