“I’m scared, Kelsey. What are we going to do?” Dylan panicked. He sat awkwardly at the edge of the bed, his whole body feeling large, heavy and squishy.
“I think that’s pretty obvious, kid,” Kelsey grinned. “We have to pretend to be each other.”
Dylan was holding back tears, “But I don’t know how to be a girl…or a grown-up! I don’t want to be you. I don’t want to date my own dad!”

Kelsey shrugged holding the strange statue in her hands, “Well if you can think of how to turn this thing on and switch us back then go for it. But we’ve been trying for days and nothing works. Your dad will be back home tomorrow so we just have to act like all is normal.
” Dylan lifted his boobs. “This is not normal! I want to be a boy again!”
Kelsey felt no sympathy, “I feel you kid. Being a girl is rough. Especially one with no special skills, no college degree and who only got by with her looks. The way I see it, I get another shot at life. As for you…. well, maybe this will teach you not to bring strange statues home from yard sales.”

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