Power of Love !!

Despite all the stress, I was wonder as I fretted about my situation when I saw Dennis finally approaching, I couldn’t help but smile. “Hi Dennis,” I said nervously, “So, uh, what’s going on? Why am I still Anna?” Er, well, I did some digging through the spell book, and I think I may have found what stopped you from changing back…” Dennis explained before trailing off. “Okay, well, what is it?” I asked, trying to prompt him along. “Well, it’s like this. There are these forces at work in the universe. One of them is magic, and obviously, it’s a pretty powerful one. But it’s not the most powerful one. The most powerful one and I know this is going to sound like a horrible cliche, is love.”

“Love?” I repeated, thinking that it really did sound like some sort of cheesy cliche. Yea, so, um, I have to ask you a kind of personal question. Since you’ve been Anna, have you, you know, fallen in love?” Dennis asked, obviously feeling even less comfortable asking the question than I did having to answer it. “No. I mean, well…. maybe,” I studdered before letting out a sigh and regaining my composure, “Yea, I guess I did.” Well, that’s probably what’s going on, then. The spell tried to reverse when it was supposed to, but the power of your love actually stopped it. So the spell tried to set things right the only way it could. It couldn’t change you to fit into the reality where you were male, so it changed reality to reflect that you’re female!”

I supposed that answered most of my questions. It explained why I was still Anna, certainly. And I knew for certain that what I was feeling for Dennis wasn’t simple lust. But I still had no clue what that meant for us. “So, um, who’s the lucky guy?” Dennis asked nervously. “You know perfectly well who,” I shot back, a bit irritated by the question. “You are the only guy I’ve spent any significant amounts of time with in this body!” Dennis hesitated for a moment, but only for a moment. Then this look of resolve emerged on his face and he stepped purposefully towards me. He rested his hands on my hips, pulled me towards him, and kissed me. And, of course, I kissed him back!

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