Aaron was a stereotypical nerd. He was never very popular and his idea of a fun Friday night was sitting at home on his computer and playing video games. He had long accepted the fact that this was the way things were and he would be at the mercy of the popular students until he graduates in a year. However, on this particular day, the popular kids were especially vicious to Aaron. They shouted names at him and hid his books. He even spent the first period stuck inside of a locker as the administration tried to get him out. After arriving to class late Aaron slumped down in his desk and got to work while making the idle wish that he wouldn’t be picked on anymore. A passing magical entity took pity on Aaron and decided to grant his wish. The changes went seemingly unnoticed to anyone but Aaron. His hair grew down past his shoulders and his whole body shrunk as his face became more feminine.

His waist pressed in and his hips flared out. His legs lengthened and became slender and smooth as his shoes reformed into a pair of high heels. Aaron’s jeans reseeded up past his thigh and formed into a short skirt. Finally, his shirt changed into a tight shirt and two
br*sts pressed out from the new top. The name on Aaron’s books and on the top of his paper changed from Aaron to Erin, cementing his new identity. Erin looked down at his new gorgeous body. His long smooth legs, his silky skin, and blonde hair that were tied in 2 ponytails. Erin realized that the popular kids would no longer pick on him anymore, however, with a body like this, he was sure to attract a different kind of attention.

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