Poor Son to Rich Daughter !!

Privately funded by a rich Heiress, Helping Mothers and Daughters was a financial support group for low-income single mothers raising daughters on their own. This year they were offering one million dollars to one lucky winner who would be selected via raffle on their website. The odds were slim and completely random, but that didn’t stop Deandra from submitting an entry. And as luck would have it- she won! There was just one small problem. Deandra didn’t have a daughter- she had a sixteen-year-old son, Gavin. Figuring she wasn’t going to win anyway, this issue didn’t even cross her mind; but now it did. Would she just renounce her win and give it to somebody else? Upset, she checked over the lottery rules one more time, confirming her disappointment- it clearly said “mothers and daughters only”.

If she didn’t have a daughter, they couldn’t be a winner. Deandra went to grab the phone and make the call, but just then an evil thought came into her mind. A million dollars would change their lives forever, there was no doubt. Gavin would understand, wouldn’t he? Deandra swallowed hard as she made the appointment, knowing she was changing his life forever in more ways than one. But it had to be done. Didn’t it? Yes. Right It has been two months since Gavin was lured to the clinic under false pretenses, only to awaken in horror at the discovery of his total sexual reassignment surgery. He was a woman now, the massive breasts on his chest and vagina between his legs were a constant reminder of his new gender. Instructions to have him appear ‘camera ready’ dramatically altered his face, now an unrecognizable half-plastic face of a female. He couldn’t deny that now, in their mansion, he had eveything he would ever need.Everything except what he really wanted- his manhood back.

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