I don’t care how cute I look like this auntie. Please change me back to look like a boy again, change me back right now. What do you mean that you can’t? Of course, you can. Change me back right now, please. You had your fun painting me with all this goop now its time to undo it all. Its just make-up. It should come right off, right? Hey, and my ears are really starting to stim too. Whats self-piercing? No, you didn’t, did you? Well, I don’t even care about them, just give me back my normal face, auntie. Yes, of course, I tried washing it off first. It doesn’t come off with soap and water, I need you to give me some sort of make-up remover or whatever it’s called. Yeah, yeah, I know you work in some kind of fancy research lab, out why bring that up now? It’s all the more reason that you know how to take all of this crap off my face so I will look normal again. What are you talking about becoming a test subject? I don’t want to be any test subject. No, I don’t care what it’ll pay. What’s too late? Auntie, what did you do to me? I don’t care if they’re testing some new type of a molecular dye. Just take it off now. Please, auntie, I don’t want to look like this for one second longer. No, I don’t want any of their damned money. Hurry up and remove it all. Uh, what do you mean it’s permanent? I don’t want to be anybody’s display model. Auntie, please don’t make me look like a girl for the rest of my life. Auntie!”


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