Playing the Part !!

“He knows” was all Brendan could think as Eric’s landlord fixated on him, appraising his tenant’s alleged “wife” as she had been described. True or false, Brendan had no choice but to continue to play the part. The rules were simple enough; extra tenants-with the exception was paid. When Brendan had fallen on hard times, however, Eric had been more than gracious with his invitation to stay with him. Neither of them believed such a violation would gather any attention. For months their ploy had gone unnoticed, but Brendan and Eric had underestimated their suspicious and devoted receptionist- and later the landlord himself. When he requested a visit to meet the “lucky lady”, both of them knew that to decline it would be nothing more than an admission of guilt.

Though Eric’s girlfriend was a full size smaller, clothes she had left behind had sufficed as Brendan sat in her summer dress, his feet squeezed into her crocodile heels. At a glance their work was passable -if not exceptional- yet despite the landlord’s cordiality, Brendan simply knew. “Well Brenda it was a pleasure to meet you,” the man began to conclude after his tense and overstayed welcome. “I’ll have Lisa at the desk issue a fob for you so you don’t have to walk in from around the building every day. Looking forward to seeing you both at the upcoming building events this month!” As the man left, Brendan began to realize that until he got his life back on track, it would be Brenda who came and left. Eric only hoped that his girlfriend could provide him with more of her clothes.

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