Player gets Played in his own Game !!

Is this what you wanted, girl?” Mr. Horne said, while sounding angrier than I had ever heard him sound before. “Do you want to be a good little girlfriend of a real man? So be it.” I couldn’t speak, my mouth was locked open in shock. I had been teasing Mr. Horne for some time, but I’d never have imagined he’d put me in this position. I just wanted to toy with him, and make him feel awkward. I am not actually interested in him.l am not interested in men! I know that I look pretty. I have been told that I look pretty all of my life. It is difficult to be told that as a boy, and a large part of you learn to resent that word. “Pretty.” You never get called masculine or strong, only pretty or cute. I know that it is not something l ought to complain about. It sounds obnoxious for someone to complain about how pretty others think they are. But I always felt like I had something to prove outside of my status as “pretty boy.” Guess that explains my behaviour. I like to toy with people.

I know that I am pretty enough for most people to find me and it doesn’t matter if it is men or women. I am not interested in being with men, but if I can use my looks as an advantage, I will manipulate the hell out of them. I have spent my years at school doing everything I can to frustrate the various old repressed professors. All of them middle-aged and tired of life. When they spot me and my dangerous androgynous beauty,they are possessed. I can get them to do whatever I tell them to do. I am like forbidden fruit to these people, not just a student but also something inbetween the genders. It has gotten me very far in my academic career but Mr. Horne was different.He wasn’t as old as other professors .He didn’t seem to respond the way the other teachers did. He was more stubborn and strict. I became somewhat obsessed with “breaking” him. Well, we all have our pride and they can be our undoing. I am very familiar with my own pride.

How dare he not be fawning over me? How dare he not get aroused when I wink at him? How dare he see me just as any other student .All that pestering caused Mr. Horne quite a bit of pain. He clearly noticed my attempts at gaining his attention, but he did not react the way I wanted him to. But when he invited me over to his place, I figured that I had finally won. I’d get there, convince him to give me the best possible grades, then I’d crush his confidence like I’d crush an insect. Turns out that he had a surprise waiting for me .It all happened so quickly, and I was shocked at how little l resisted. I am not strong, but i know that I could get up and run away.I am not happy about doing this, but somehow I am not entirely unwilling. It is like part of my brain has just shut off and accepted my fate. I started feeling feelings that hadn’t felt before. Feelings of submission. A kind of excitement started growing inside of me .He came near me and hugged me from back.Please Sir, “I said. “I am sorry for teasing you. “I’ll be your good girl”.Thats all I could say.I belonged to him now.

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