Plan gone wrong.

                      PLAN GONE WRONG !!

Vivian looked at her husband playfully showing off his stocking tops and garter straps and had to admit to herself that this had somehow gone all wrong. Her plan had been to turn him into a sissy, then embarrass him in front of all their friends before filing for divorce and leaving him. It would never make up for all the years he’d cheated on her and her feelings of betrayal and embarrassment when she found out that many of their close friends knew of his affairs. She had thought that it wouldn’t even the score but it was a good start.Somewhere along the way things didn’t quite go as she planned. The hormones, the subliminal CD’s that she played every night, even the expensive program that ran on his computer behind whatever was on screen they had all done what they were designed to do. The problem was that as she helped him with his desire to become more and more feminine she fell in love with the woman he was becoming. She tried to deny it to herself and made every effort to make it an unpleasant experience for him. Even resorting to taking him with a strapon but he loved it and she enjoyed it as well. Tonight they are going to a
party where Sam will be reintroduced to all their friends as Samantha and Vivian will tell them that she and Samantha will stay together. Sam has been on a leave of absence from work for the last 6 months as the changes progressed so no one knows of Samantha. Vivian has already agreed to the surgery Samantha wants to finish what was started. she’s much happier as Samantha.

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