Personal Secretary

Sorry Sir, I didn’t mean to cheat you. I always loved to work in your company and l liked your leadership too. That’s why I wanted to get a job again here. Before I was working as a Sales Manager in this company and you terminated me due to my bad work performance. After that I could not get any other job.That’s why I came here for the interview to be your personal secretary dressed as a girl.
dont want to be a sales manager again. You somehow spotted that I am your old employee by looking my address in the application form. If you offer me the job I will surely do my job to my best level. Thanks Sir for acknowledging that I am sexy and appealing as a girl. I know what you might need from a sexy personal secretary. I am ready even now to get in bed with you as your girl, if you can offer me this job. I will be good secretary to you in office.Shall we get in to bed now to get my appointment order now.

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