Dr. Gerald McDonald of Manchester, England had been working on a serum that would allow a human’s system to be reduced to a state of bodily perfection, to be able to recover from any sickness or wound, to in short, achieve the apex in human evolution. In doing so, he created a strain that he believed would work but had found no results after testing it on his test animals. When switching one mouse for another in the reaction chamber, where the test animals were exposed to the serum in vapor form, he heard the machine’s locks lick into place and his heart stopped when he heard the spray of the formula into the room. Choking, the good doctor felt his entire molecular system undergo a fantastic transformation, he felt stronger, faster, smarter than he had ever felt before. The only offshoot was that he was now a busty blonde woman with an insatiable sex drive and a craving for power. Achieving perfection, the good Doctor began production of a larger dose, perhaps, a global dose..

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