Perfect School for Men !!

Hi Sir! What a surprise to see you

Hello, my dear. I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by your feminization school to see how you were doing. It’s already been a month since l sent you here. I didn’t mean to interrupt your training.

Not at all, Sir. My instructors just finished up my gymnastics training. It’s supposed to reprogram me into moving more like a female. l just wish they didn’t force me to wear these leotards every day, though. It makes me feel almost naked, I never thought I’d ever wish you could make me wear a skit again!

Well, they do keep the doors padlocked, my dear, so it’s not like you’ll be allowed to go anywhere until they’re finished feminizing you. Besides, I see right away why they re making you wear that. They want to monitor your physical development into a female. Look at you- after only a month you have a gorgeous hourglass figure and such killer legs! I can also see the breast development they’re nurturing on you is coming along nicely.

Breast development?!? I have breasts now? I guess I hadn’t noticed. No wonder the water they give me always has a medicine taste to it! Do you like how they look on me, Sir?

Oh, you are so adorable! When this school is finished with you, you’ll have become so feminine that I’ll be proud. I’m making you my wife. I’m so glad I decided to keep you in heels

Oh, that reminds me, Sir…I want to show you the trophies I’ve won. They’re here on the window sill. I hope you’ll be proud of me

Trophies? Did you win trophies? That is a surprise! What are those trophies for?

This one here is for being trained to walk in high heels…this one l received after my first makeover…and this one they gave me for being hog-tied as punishment for forgetting to speak like a girl.

Hmmmph. Schools give out participation trophies for everything, these days.

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