Perfect Punishment !!

Brenda was surprised when the doorbell rang. She wasn’t expecting anybody, it was late, and she lived alone. But when she looked through the peephole she was even more surprised to see her daughter-in-law on the other side. She threw open the door. “Sara! My goodness, what a wonderful surprise.

Hi, Brenda. Sorry to pop over like this.

“Nonsense, come in! Gosh, how long has it been since we saw each other?”

“Two Thanksgivings ago.”

“That’s ridiculous. Leave it to David to take you both so far from home. My son always took his work way too seriously. But I’m surprised to see you, I had no idea you were in town. Oddly, Sara remained in the foyer.

“Yep, for the last two weeks, actually. I had to take care of a medical procedure.”

“Oh? Is everything is all right?”

“It wasn’t for me. It was for David.”

He’s here?”

A young woman came up from behind Sara. Her face was red and, for some reason, appeared absolutely mortified. Brenda had the strangest notion she knew the girl. Perhaps one of the neighborhood children home from college?
Hi, hello.” Brenda grinned. “And who’s this lovely young woman?”

Instantly, the girl buried her face in her hands and burst into tears. Sara giggled.

“I told you your own mother wouldn’t recognize you.”

Mother? What are you talking about? Where is David?”

“You’re looking at him. Can we come in?” Er… Yes, of course.” This has to be some kind of ridiculous joke. No way on Earth the lovely woman could be her. And yet, as they walked into the kitchen, Brenda couldn’t help noticing the resemblance of her son in some of the family photographs over the mantle. God, could it be true? The girl by the stove, in the same place David always had, looking apprehensive. David? Brenda said. “Is it really you? At first, the young woman didn’t reply. Then, more tears filled her eyes and she nodded. Oh my God!” Brenda exclaimed. “But… how? you one of those transgendered people?”

“Nothing so noble,” Sara said. “He cheated on me. Not once, not twice, but six times. I warned him over and over, and he didn’t listen. The last time, I caught him with a 17-year-old. That was the last straw. I told him he either does everything I say or he goes to jail as a pedophile. I made him take estrogen, a little plastic surgery on his face, voice lessons-anything to make him feel less like a man, less like a cheating bastard.”

“But… This can’t be a solution! How can your relationship survive?”

“Brenda, I loved David. I always will. But he was a failure as a man. Testosterone drove him crazy. I’ve always been bisexual, so this seems like the best solution. Although, I don’t think David would agree.

“Are his… I mean, his… chest can’t be real, can it?”

“They certainly are, in fact I wanted to thank you. The doctors told me his curves are from his mother’s side of the family. Show Mommy what big boobies she gave you. Obediently, David unbuttoned his shirt. Brenda’s eyes went wide. His breasts were lovely and perky. It was incredible; her son’s masculinity had been utterly stripped away! With his mother gaping at him, David slowly raised his hands to cover himself in an utterly feminine expression of modesty.

So if his… his breasts are real, what was the medical procedure for them?”

“I’ll let David tell you that for yourself,” Sara looked at David and nodded. “You can talk now.” David’s pretty eyes went wide.

“Mommy! Help me!” He cried out in a husky, but distinctly womanly voice. “I don’t have my… my… she had them to turn it into a…

” Slow down,” Brenda said, disturbed to see him in distress. “What are you trying to say?”

“Show her, David.”

Her son stood from the table and dropped his skirt. He was wearing panties, but there was no sign of a bulge.

Oh my God,” Brenda said, her hand going to her mouth. “Where’s his.I mean…”Show her it all, David.” David couldn’t look at his mother but he obediently lowered his panties. Brenda gasped in shock. His penis was gone, replaced by anatomy that looked as naturally female as any she’d ever seen. “Sara, this is too far!”

“I think it’s just far enough,” Sara said. “He didn’t understand before. Now he’ll always know I’m the only girl for him. Isn’t that right, David? Tell your mom what you are.”

I’m a… a girl.”

Brenda considered the beautiful creature who used to be her son, and then crossed her arms. If what Sarah said was true, this was probably for the best. She grinned. “Oh, I always wanted a daughter anyway.”


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