Perfect Disguise !!

Chris stopped dressing for work and peered through the blinds at the lime green Buick parked across the street. It had been six hours and they were still out there. The sun had set, but Chris could make out the cherry red tip of a cigarette of somebody in the driver’s seat. They were waiting for him to leave the apartment. Would they kill him right there? A silenced bullet to the back of the head? Or would they subdue him and haul him back to Detroit like a prize maybe even strap him to the hood of the car. As an accountant for the boss, Chris knew what kind of torture those psychotic bastards dreamed up when money was involved. How in fuck had they found him? He’d covered his tracks so well, even using a portion of the $6 million he’d skimmed from the overseas accounts to conduct the most elaborate disguise imaginable. Electrolysis, a year’s supply of hormone shots, C-cup breast implants, and a new wardrobe had resulted in the birth of Evelyn Soule from New Jersey. She had a driver’s license, a Social Security Number, and a crappy apartment downtown. The plan was to lay low as Evelyn until the heat died down, then ditch the pantyhose and stilettos for a life of luxury in South America. Chris even found work as a cocktail waitress to complete the illusion. For six months he endured a humiliating uniform and a frequently pinched butt. And for what? They found him anyway.Ten minutes later, Chris checked again, hoping against hope that the car would be gone. It wasn’t.

Fighting down the panic that rose inside him like vomit, Chris finished getting dressed. There was no escape this time. He wished he could put on something more respectable, but all his male clothing was gone. He took a breath and stepped outside .No gunshot. He kept walking, the sound of his high-heels echoing down the street. Suddenly, a voice called from behind. Excuse me, miss? Dread rising, Chris turned. The door to the Buick was open, and a young man in a trench coat was marching toward him. Chris recognised him instantly as Nicky Russo, also known by the affectionate nickname, “The Butcher.” Chris spoke in Evelyn’s sweet timbre. Yes? “Sorry to bother you, but do you know Christopher Erickson? He’s a little guy-shorter than you with those heels-real skinny, with glasses and a moustache like a child. Chris’s mind did somersaults. They knew where he was, but not who he was! Maybe he did survive today after all. “Damn. I’m a friend of his from out of town, trying to surprise him. I got this address from his ex-girlfriend.” Wish I could help ned. “Maybe you can. Gotta say, you’re the hottest piece of ass I’ve seen since I got to this shitty town.” “What’s your name, sugar?” My name is Evelyn.”That’s beautiful. It suits you. Say, how about I buy you a drink somewhere nice?” That’s sweet, but I have work “.I’ll triple whatever you make in day. Just have a drink with me.” Im married. Nicky laughed. “Me too, doll. So how about it?” Chris stared at his shark-like smile. It had never been a good idea to say no so I finally agreed to go out with him.

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