While traveling alone in France, Harvey lost his clothes, passport, and money. His belongings, all of them except the clothes on his back, were stolen from the hostel as he slept. With no money for food or another night of shelter, Harvey turned to the hostel owner for help. With an easy smile, the hostel owner said in perfect English, “I know just the person who can help you.” Harvey was introduced to a man with a business at the outskirts of town. He could get Harvey a new passport, a shelter for as long as he needed and three square meals a day, plus a change of clothes. All for one low fee.

“How can I pay?” asked Harvey. “I have a way,” the man said with a twisted grin. Harvey had no choice. He let the man put him in a swapping chamber and change his name to Zoe. Harvey works hard every day for his food, clothing, and shelter. Soon, he will have earned enough to buy his manhood back and a passport. What Harvey didn’t know was that there was no “going back”. And he would work his new job for a long time. A very, very long time. And the hostel owner laughed as he collected his fee for stealing Harvey’s belongings.

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