I am a credit gambler. Very dangerous and barely legal. I would take a large loan from the casino and then win it back before the end of the night. Unfortunately, a recent game of poker went terribly wrong. I had everything I needed for a royal flush. I put everything in and I lost all of it to a full house. I had to get it back. I played game after game and kept losing. Soon I had no money left and I owed the casino close to 100,000$ in credit.
I begged the casino to overlook this for a short time but they had other plans for me. I almost instantly felt myself begin to transform. My limps slimmed along with my stomach and all the weight going to my butt and chest and I got much shorter. After that, my clothes changed and I felt my hair grow long.
They said that I have to work as one of their floor girls wearing this revealing bunny outfit everyday and night until I can pay off the money I owe them. I never thought my greed would get me into such trouble.

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