Ian always used to say that he wished he could stay in Amsterdam’s Red Light District forever. Well, the good news is that his dream came true… the bad news is, he never dreamt of being on this side of the glass…and on this side of the nightly rogerings! Ian’s entrance into the world’s oldest profession began three years ago when he was caught taking pictures of the local vice girls through the glass booths… a major no-no! He was immediately bundled into the brothel’s offices by several large bouncers and ordered to pay a 1,000,000$ fine! Ian was near tears he didn’t have anything near that kind of money. The brothel was prepared for this eventuality, however, and ‘kindly’ offered to let him work off the debt in the nearby Blue Light District, which catered for those who like girls with a little extra. There was only one small problem with Ian’s arrangement.

His wages are paid in GBP pounds, but the sky-high rent for his one-room glass doored boudoir is paid in Eu. Since the recession, the exchange rate has fallen so dramatically that poor lad now makes a loss every night he works. (Which is every night, since you asked) 
Here we see Ian getting prepared for another night gyrating her shemale wares in front of a production line of horny punters. The reason she looks extra pissed off tonight is that she’s just spent the evening sucking off her pimp for the pay rise that’d put her back into credit…only to be told that the only way that’d be possible would be if she undergoes the ‘op’ and became one of the real girls! What a choice! In the red…or in the Red Light! Ian contemplated the inevitability of her fate as her first customer of the night drunkenly staggered over to her booth. At least her sexily angry glare would earn her some extra business tonight.

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