Paying for his Actions !!

Lou’s Carwash prided itself on one thing: the girls. He definitely had the sexiest staff in the state- the only problem was he also had the highest turnover. This was due to a combination of problems: sub-standard wages, unreasonable hours, and worst of all, continual sexual harrassment. Lou’s most recent staff of girls, however, decided that they would no longer put up with his unrelenting chauvinism. Just as Lou was going to bed one night, a group of several masked trespassers-they sounded like women- broke into his house and subdued him with a chloroform-soaked rag; after that Lou remembered nothing.

When he came to, a bag was pulled from over his head. He was back at the carwash- but his body! He had a woman’s body! “What have you bitches done to me??” he screamed, examining his female body with shock and terror. “I’ll press charges! You’ll never get away with this!” he screamed. “Maybe not,” one girl responded, “but we have far more dirt on you. If you make a move on us, well, we’ll be forced to report fourteen different cases of sexual harassment and unfair compensation. It’s your call.” A frustrated and terrified Lana only stood there in her black stilettos, speechless. They were right. He would never win. And he would now pay a permanent price for his actions.

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