Patrick to Patricia !!

When Patrick came home he found his sister Laura and her friends Susie and Nicky watching a meteor shower in the back yard. He went to say ‘hello’ and the girls asked him if he wanted to watch with them. As a closet cross-dresser Patrick could think of nothing more fun than spending some time with the girls.He happily settled himself down on the ground and it was some minutes before he realized that the girls were whispering to each other. “What’s up?” he asked them but the girls all just smiled back at him except his sister who looked quite annoyed.Patrick turned back to continue watching the show but he was aware that the girls seemed to be giggling.Then they started to make very strange comments about lingerie.”I wonder what underwear boys like best,” Nicky said aloud.”I’ll bet they like thongs,” Susie said. “What do you think Patrick?””Oh, I don’t know,” Patrick said, trying to sound casual. In fact, he loved panties, especially if he was wearing them.”I think he probably really really likes them,” Nicky said stifling a giggle. He was about to say something when he realized that by sitting on the floor his jeans were sliding down and from where they were sitting behind him the girls could see the thong panties he was wearing. What made it worse was that they were his sister’s panties that he had ‘borrowed’ without her knowing. They were black and made from a velvety material that made them very sexy.Patrick reached around to pull up his jeans but it was too late.”I only ask,” Susie continued, “because I see you are wearing a thong right now.””And it looks like my pair of panties!” Laura shouted.At this the girls burst out laughing and Patrick quickly got to his feet, his face burning red with shame.He made a move towards house but Laura was too quick for him.”Just hold it right there,” she ordered him. “You aren’t walking out of this so easily. You have some explaining to do.” When he looked back at the girls’ faces and Laura’s scowl and the bemused look on Susie and Nicky’s faces Patrick knew he was never going to be able to talk his way out of this one.Girls made him up completely with fake wig and a beautiful blue dress.Looks like Patrick is going to be Patricia for a while and the girls have no intention of letting her go back to being a Man.

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