Look at me, you ungrateful brat! You keep telling people that you’re being suffocated in my care, completely ignoring all of the good things I have done for you. When your mother died, I didn’t need to take you in. Your mother, my sister, always was a hopeless woman. She did nothing good with her wasted life, and you know that. You could have gone to an orphanage, for all I cared. But still, I could see potential in you. One that even you couldn’t see. Your grandmother was a great singer, and she was well-known in her time. She could sing everything from musicals to opera. The fact that my sister never told you about her is a dire shame! She didn’t even tell you about your grandfather, did she? Or about the many compositions that he wrote! Yeah, it’s unfortunate that your mother hardly cared for our family’s legacy. I understand that it feels strange for a teenage boy such as yourself to be dressed up like that. And I understand that it makes you nervous about how many people are assuming you are a mature adult woman. But this is the only way our family will live on. You sing your grandfather’s songs so very well, and I have to say you owe me this. I did so much for you, and you are far too beautiful to remain such an ugly little boy. No, you cannot sing as a man…you look just like your grandmother…and people love nostalgia. And also, no, those small bumps on your chest are not the result of gynecomastia. You are right about that. I’ve fed you hormones ever since you first came to live with me. Don’t you dare act upset! You know this is for the best. You’d either go and live in total disgrace like your worthless father, or you become my daughter. People may think you are older than you are, but considering my age, that is appropriate. I never had any children, but if I did, they’d be around thirty. I may even ask you to think about your own children one day. It would be amazing of you to pass on the legacy and make me a grandmother!



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