Daniel was a 16-year-old boy looking for a part-time job. He had no luck whatsoever around the town he lived in. Jobs were becoming harder and harder to get. He became desperate. And that’s when he heard about a part-time job wanted at the old mansion on the outskirts of town. A helper was wanted. Daniel was skeptical at first. “Hmm, isn’t that where the weird old lady lives? Well, I guess I don’t have much of a choice. A job is a job I guess.” And so he went to the mansion to visit the lady. She was about 40 odd years old and she lived alone. “And I thought she was some really old lady” Daniel thought to himself. As turns out he got the job, being the only person who actually showed up. “Great! When can I start?” “You start tomorrow! Arrive 7am sharp and don’t be late!” And believe me Danie was not going to be late. He kind of feared this woman as everyone in town did. People always found her spooky. When he arrived for his first day, things got kind of weird. “I expect you to be in full uniform at all times. But before you can get dressed you need to take a wash first.” Daniel thought this was kind of weird but he couldn’t argue with his boss. So Daniel washed himself using her shower and her body cream that she lent him. To his surprise all his body hair fell out.

“What the hell is going on here?” “Don’t talk to me like that! Come here right now young lady!” And somehow she was able to overpower Daniel easily as she bent him over her lap and spanked him for 5 minutes straight. The pain was too much to bare for Daniel. He wasn’t ever going to step out of line again. “Here! Now wear this outfit I gave you otherwise I’ll use the cane.” Out of fear he quickly slipped into the maids outfit. He even was expected to wear panties underneath. As if the stockings weren’t humiliating enough. Next she began to style Daniels hair into a feminine bun with a white bow to keep it in place. Then it was the makeup. She spend about an hour perfecting the makeup. “There, perfect my little sissy maid!” She said as Daniel stood there trembling in fear, not knowing what to do. “From now on you are to call me mistress, you got that?” “Yes mistress!” “Now you are to clean my house from top to bottom. And that includes dusting and hovering each room. And you are not to leave until you have done so. Is that clear?” “Yes mistress.” “If you try to escape then you will be servery punished with a cane and I’ll swap your flat shoes with 6 inch high heels. Is that clear?” “Yes mistress!” “Good, now get to work little girl !” Daniel was starting to think getting a job was a bad idea.

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