Part time Fantasy !!

Few people know the truth about Lawrence. I do, because I am his owner. Although, I loathe calling him a ‘he.’I only do that because when he’s not at home with me, he likes to pretend that he is a real man. He’s not, of course. He actually my little girl. My little pet. He’s a she. She is just the sweetest thing I have ever loved. She is so attentive and kind, and she wouldn’t ever dare disobeying an order. She puts effort into her appearance, including her make-up and wig. How she manages to hide those massive tits when pretending to be a man I cannot possibly figure out how. But she still wear whatever lingerie I ask her to put on, even when she wears a suit and goes to work. if only her co-workers knew that underneath that suit ‘he’ is wearing, she is wearing a bustier and a thong. Sometimes I call Lawrence at work. He’ gets too embarrassed to let her’ out. ‘He’ will insist on speaking to me like a man. He’ will not call me Master and he will certainly not ask for sex.But he also knows that when he gets home, puts on that wig and lets those tits out, that ‘she’ will be punished if she doesn’t act right.

Believe it or not, she’ still considers herself to be a regular straight male. She says it is just a little kink, that it only happens when she is with me. She may have taken hormones for me, she may be proud over her beautiful new physique, but she says that it is only pretending .She is in such denial.One day I will completely break ‘him.”1 am working on it, I want to give room for ‘her’ to fully blossom. I have been secretly taping our time together. I have put ‘him’ in chastity, a cage that he can’t ever remove without my permission. It keeps ‘him’ from ever fully shedding the female personality. ‘He’ is constantly reminded of what she just agreed to have done when ‘he’ was away.The door bell just rang and she looks terrified. I hadn’t told her that a friend was coming over. A friend that ‘he knows from work. A co-worker, in fact. It was the first time I made the two personalities collide, and it certainly was traumatic for my little pet. She’ looked at me an whimpered but ‘he looked at his co-worker and tried to excuse himself. But the co-worker and I have become good friends, and I have told him he might be allowed to visit ‘her’ whenever he wants.Slowly but surely I will make sure that there is no difference between home and work. My little pet won’t be able to help herself. She will always have a reason to stay submissive and girly.

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