You started dating this girl, she was great. Funny, smart and beautiful the only problem was she was rich, and you weren’t. As a result, you could never be part of her world. One day you found a lamp and rubbed it. Out came a genie who granted you one wish. You wished that you could be part of her world.

Your hair started to grow out and didn’t stop until it reached the small of your back. Once it reached it’s full length it began to turn blonde. Your body became more feminine with your hips becoming wider and your waist narrower.

Your now feminine body then became encased in a giant beautiful pink ball gown.  You were shocked at your new form but were somehow very accepting of it. Your girlfriend came up behind you in her own gown. She embraced you and gave you a kiss on your cheek before greeting you “Hey Princess” and with that you knew you were part of her world.

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