Simon paused at the door to the office. The journey to work had been nerve-wracking but without incident and that had added to his confidence. But this was the real hurdle. He took a deep breath and walked in. The room that had been busy with morning chatter fell silent. He continued to walk across the room as though nothing was out of place. He didn’t get more than six paces before the responses began to flood in. Simone had taken the secretarial position at the office two months ago. He was desperate for work and could type and was prepared to do anything. He was a little overwhelmed that the office was a large open plan office with ten women working there already as well as their boss, also a woman, who insisted on being called ‘Ma’am’. Working in an all-female environment seemed like a nice compensation for typing out e-mails and letters for the boss but he wasn’t prepared for the way things developed. All day long he sat listening to the women talk. They were a happy group and after the first day of awkwardness, they began to feel much more comfortable having a man around.

Soon they didn’t even notice he was there and the chatter invariable centered on fashion, make-up, and anything girly. He listened in as the girls described their latest purchases or compared the clothes, they wore each day. Everywhere he looked there were happy women with short skirts and smooth nylon-clad legs talking about silk blouses, heels, leggings, and chemises. He breathed in the sweet perfumes the girls wore and as he listened, he felt drawn into the conversations about panties and mascara, stockings and lipstick. He found it interesting and before long he was taking part in the talk too. Deep inside of him something stirred and the more they took part in the girly chatter the more he felt himself lacking, need to be more a part of their world. Before long he knew exactly what it was that he felt and in the privacy of his home he took his first faltering steps, working hard at perfecting new skills. Finally, he was ready for the inevitable that he could no longer resist.

He had come to work cross-dressed, fully feminized as one of the girls. He wore a white shirt with a black miniskirt and black heels. Legs were freshly waxed as were his arms and the rest of his body. His makeup was good enough for him to pass even in broad daylight and a wig gave him dark long hair. He had no idea what to expect from the women when he arrived at work but to his relief, they were thrilled with his new appearance. The immediately began to treat him like one of the girls. “Simon, that’s a nice outfit,” said Lisa, a blonde bookkeeper. “Where did you buy it?” With the ice broken he began to explain his feelings and the girls were very understanding. His only concern was what would be the reaction of the boss when she saw him. However, he had nothing to fear. She gave him a quick once-over, nodded her approval, and then went straight to her office. For Simon, there was no going back. His future was sealed now, and it was going to be skirts all the way…

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