When Brian laid eyes upon Kendra for the first time, he’d instantly thought that she is out of his league. She was tall, blonde, and beautiful and he was small, thin, and looked about as strong as a toothpick. But luck must’ve been smiling down upon him that night, because when he walked out the door that evening, it was with Kendra around his arm. Never one to look a gift mouth in the horse, he’d thrown himself into the relationship wholeheartedly, doing whatever she asked of him no matter how absurd the request. Recently however, her demands had gone from strange to downright bizarre. Explaining it as kinky role play, she’d had him dressing and acting like a girl for the last few weeks, even going so far as to only refer to him as Brianna. It’d seemed like fun at first, but Kendra had become increasingly demanding, now only allowing her out of her room once her makeup was perfect and her extra bits tucked away. Brianna had never questioned Kendra before, but she was beginning to wonder if there was something more sinister behind Kendra’s intentions.

All those hours she’d made her practice with her toy, learning to suppress her gag reflex and taking it in every hole over and over again just seemed a bit unusual was all; it wasn’t as if she was ever going to have to use those skills anyway. But there was no point in worrying her pretty little head about a thing like that, especially when she had far more important things to worry about, such as what to wear this evening! Kendra had told her that tonight was going to be a special evening for her and so she wanted her to wear something sexy for the occasion. That was big. This was the first time Kendra was letting her pick out her own outfit. Brianna wondered what she should wear. Whatever it was, it would have to match the darling black heels she was already wearing. She simply adored

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